Amirbahador Educational Complex (AEC) was established by Mr. Ghasem Hassanzadeh in 1988 .

Shortly after the responsibility of computer educational training was legally granted to Department of Technical and Vocational Training, affiliated to the Ministry of Labor, Mr. Hassanzadeh, the founder of the institute, participated and passed the required examinations. As the first computer training center in Iran, Amirbahador institute started its activities in 1989.

 The management team strategy was to challenge and win. Their indefatigable efforts ultimately led the institute to receive the great acceptance of people from the educational and professional sectors alike. Soon after, the institute was not capacious enough to accommodate the new and interested students. Therefore, the founder had to purchase and equip a new training center in the central part of Tehran.

 In 1991, the second branch of the Institute started its activities on Vali Asr Street, south of Vali Asr Square, in Tehran. Although this branch is not as spacious as the first one on Malek Street, which is now called the head office, it could, cater to a greater number of students than the Malek Branch, due to its accessibility.

 In 1995 , Mrs. Fereshteh Azarbaijani, the founder's spouse, established Amirbahador Girls' High School which served about 100 students in the field of physics-math and natural sciences.

 In 1997, Amirbahador Publication Center was founded with high potentials on computer training materials. Most of the books published had been written or translated by Mr. Hassanzadeh, who has thirty years experience in educational activities.

 In the year of 2000, Mrs. Azarbaijani established Amirbahador Pre-university Center which was moved to a more commodious building. The founder bought a magnificent classical building with the area of 1000 square meters. A property that included a spacious palace building.

 In 2007, simultaneously with the emergence of new iterations of Windows OS and turning the usage of computer operation and software to a more user-friendly mode which, in turn, led to a decline in applicant demands, the establishers began corresponding with ETS (Educational Testing Service), a reputable global testing organization based in the United States, and finally managed to receive the authorization for delivering TOEFL iBT and GRE General exams.

 At the time being, Amirbahador Educational Complex (AEC) is working as an ETS authorized test center with five labs each with 21 workstations for delivering online TOEFL and GRE exams to 105 test takers at a time. Now, Amirbahador, if not the largest, but is one of the largest ETS authorized test centers in the world.

 We believe what we have attained has been bestowed upon us by the special attention of God and also by our unsparing efforts and diligence. We love serving this country and do wish prosperity for its people, and we shall do our utmost to make our dream come true.

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