ETS iBT Testing:   Confidentiality Statements Must be Completed by Examinees and Sent to ETS by the Center


You are receiving this message because you are the primary e-mail contact for your ETS STN test center. Please share this information with the other staff members at your center.

Confidentiality Statements are an important part of the testing process. Your center agreed to follow all policies and procedures by signing the CTAS Terms and Conditions agreement. Please ensure that your center complies with the following requirements. Failure to comply may affect future testing at your site and/or test taker's scores may be canceled.

1.  It is mandatory that test center administrators require every TOEFL examinee to complete and sign a Confidentiality Statement during the check-in process. To print Confidentiality Statements, use the "Print Statements" links provided in the STNCenter application. The links appear on the Finish screen at the end of Readiness Checks and Test Setup and on the Home page after you have completed Test Setup.

2.  STN test centers are required to send completed examinee Confidentiality Statements to ETS once per month.  If you currently have any completed Confidentiality Statements stored at your center, please ship them to ETS now. In the future, send completed Confidentiality Statements once per month immediately after your last TOEFL test administration of the month.

Enclose one completed Administrator's Report Form in each package of Confidentiality Statements that you ship to ETS.  The file attached to this message contains the shipping address and instructions (page 1) and an Administrator's Report Form (page 2).

Thank you for your attention to these important requirements.